Made by Google Product Launch Event 2018

The event starts at 11am Eastern Time and you can watch the live stream on Made by Google’s YouTube Channel. We will keep this post updated during the duration of the event so check back frequently for all the details today!

What to expect? Announcements for:

  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Home Hub
  • Google Pixel Slate
  • Google Pixelbook 2
  • Google Pixel Stand
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Pixel Buds 2


11:07AM: Google has opened with smart response and highlighting artificial intelligence backing Google Search, Assistant and more.

11:11AM: Appropriately they are already talking about security with device and cloud service data. After the Google+ announcement, they’re getting ahead of it.

11:15AM: Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub announced!

11:20AM: Nest will be getting deeper integration with Google and Google services going forward.

11:23AM: Google Home Hub was designed to provide a user experience for in home use in an effort to be a useful device in any room.

11:27AM: Little slip-up there, the Google Home Hub responded to the command before the demonstrator finished giving it!

11:30AM: Full automation with Home View Dashboard on the Google Home app and Google Home Hub!

11:33AM: Live Albums for Google Photos announced allowing you to pick people you’d like to be displayed on the Google Home Hub, hopefully you don’t accidently display your nude selfies!

11:39AM: Pixel Slate officially announced as a tablet device, it looks like the Pixel phones supersized running ChromeOS.

11:42AM: 3 Months Free YouTube TV with the purchase of a Pixel Slate, at $40/month, that’s a good deal to get people to cut cords or ditch services like Sling.

11:45AM: The Pixel Slate can run Chrome Apps, Android Apps, as well as Linux Applications.

11:48AM: The Google Pixel Slate will come with a starting price of $599 on the Google Store.

11:50AM: The Google Pixel 3 announcement is beginning now! Will be available in 3 colors, with the Pixel being 5.5″, the Pixel 2XL will be 6.3″.

11:52AM: They are pushing YouTube Music hard as the replacement for Google Play Music! 6 months free with a new Pixel 3.

11:54AM: Google Pixel 3 camera will have the same zero shutter lag HDR+ support with the Pixel Visual Core.

11:55AM: Top Shot feature announced with the ability to allow you to choose an image you like, even if your timing was off. No more blurry photos!

12:00PM: They are taking shots at Apple’s new phones left and right with the cameras! Low light images without flash are amazing, and the selfie camera offers a wide angle lense allowing you to get everyone in the photo!

12:02PM: Google Lense is now directly baked into the camera app, no need to open separate apps.

12:03PM: Motion Autofocus for crazy dog zoomie pictures or your children running around like maniacs!

12:05PM: Google Assistant can now screen calls for you from the phone screen!

12:07PM: Google Pixel Stand wireless charger announced with UI adjustments to your device when it’s connected.

12:07PM: Google Pixel 3 starts at $799 on Verizon or unlocked from the Google Store.