Veteran-Led Businesses are being recognized by Google

A few month back, Google launched the Veteran-Led attribute for Search and Maps, which was great to see at the time! However, just in time for Veterans Day Google sent out a sticker and postcard to Veteran-Led businesses telling Vets to visit which has a collection of various free marketing assets Google has generated. Lemacks Media is of course Proudly Veteran-Led and Owned.

Lemacks Media Veteran-Led

Google Generated Veteran Marketing post for Lemacks Media

These assets include things like social media posts, downloadable and printable assets with review snippets, and a 25% discount code for use at SMTHNX25 . Google also offers the ability to order your assets to have them mailed to you one time, with apparent limited quantities. It’s unclear what all comes with this free order, however, we have ordered ours with holiday theming to see what shows up!

One neat thing about these assets is they allow for customization, including the ability to add a holiday theme to the background!

Lemacks Media Veteran-Led

Google style picker for Veteran-Led Business “Small Thanks”.

This all of course follows Google’s effort to highlight Women-Led businesses, so it’s nice to see Google wanting to acknowledge so many different groups!

Update [January 15th 2019]: Well, I just finally received the assets from Google today. Nearly 2 months later, which is a bummer because I opted for the Christmas themed assets… So, my free poster is essentially useless.

Lemacks Media Google Small Thanks